Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The many faces of Danine Mroz

Beauty is all around us and comes in so many forms. That is especially true when it comes to peoples faces. I have always been fascinated with the human face, as a matter of fact, people watching is one of my favorite past times. In the last year I have studied many styles of portraiture and have tried my hand at many of them... I simply can't decide on one style alone, they are all fabulous.

So I present you with my many faces, a look at the different portrait styles that I do.
Shall we?

For some of the portrait styles I have made up my own name for them, such as my "Fanciful Stylized Angels" which have been heavily inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts book, "Take Flight". I would like to thank Miss Roberts for sharing her passion and art with me and the world. I hope that my art is not seen as an infringement but a compliment to her and her art.
This piece is called "Whisper" 12x12 mixed media on canvas. It will be available for sale on my Etsy store, 'Prairie Mroz Art' later this week.

Another style I simply can't get enough of is Whimsical faces. The quirky misshapen faces are so adorable and childlike to me. They remind me of babies, faeries and all things make-believe. I tend to make my whimsies with squarish or oval faces most often. There are tons of amazing artist on YouTube that do this style incredibly well, Tam from Willowing.com has been a huge influence on me. I love her spirit, her joy and the gentle nurturing care that she brings to each lesson and tutorial that she gives. Thank you Tam.

My "Super-Viva-Glam" dollz are somewhat a creation of my own. With their big, no ENORMOUS expressive eyes, heads far too large for their bodies and flawless skin they would make any Hollywood starlet green with envy. Fun for the young and young at heart, I often create a "Friendship" grouping for clients. This is one of those pieces, done for my friend Heather Gagne. I do take orders for these, any size, any number of dollz. I work from a photo(s) of the girls/ladies you wish to feature in the painting. Contact me for pricing. 

The other style I create is some what stylized expressionistic Old World all rolled into one. It sort of happened organically as I was working on the pieces. As I was working on the stylized piece the colors of her face were working out but everything seemed flat and boring to me... so I started adding wild, bright colors to it. This is one of my favorite pieces, it's called "The Heart Knows" 12 x 16 mixed media on canvas.  

I hope you like my many faces. Each face is special and precious,, I love them all. I hope you enjoy them too. Please do stop by my Etsy shop at
"Prairie Mroz Art"
Love and Laughter,