Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The ART of Doodling

Doodling, yes Doodling.

For most people Doodling is a mindless, fun way to pass the time. You can do it virtually any where, while your on the phone, making a list, in class, on a plane, or perhaps on a long car trip. As a teen I would litter my binders and note book paper with eyes, lips, hearts, swirls, stars, geometric shapes... and the list goes on and on. I have come to learn, via research and studies, that Doodling helps to improve memory and is also a form of meditation, which we all know is very good for you. Doodling is also fun! But, for those of us who love art the mighty Doodle can become an elaborate form of ART and expression. I'd like to share some of the tips, tricks and techniques I have learned on how to take your Doodle to the next level.

Today I still draw many of the same items, granted a bit more refined, these are some of techniques, tricks and styles I have added to my Doodle repertoire.

I used all four techniques in
this Doodle.
Main color-blue
Balance-Triangle shape
Many repeat patterns
Theme-Sea life 
Color ~ As in any piece of art color creates mood. When you have many colors and/or bright colors in the doodle the Doodle will take on a very energized feeling. Monochromatic, cool colors and staying within the same color family will create a calmer piece of art.
Balance ~ Whether we're discussing color, shapes, or theme you want to consider balance.  Is there an over saturation of an element crowding one are of your Doodle or does the eye move from one area to the next following the gentle ebb and flow of your Doodle? Some of my favorite "balance" shapes are; the triangle, S-shape, Z-shape and O-shape. Look around you and see which shapes you are drawn too in nature and within your own home.
Patterns ~ Having repeat patterns is a fantastic way to pull a doodle together. I usually have three or more sections of repeating patterns in one of my Doodles. Keeping in mind  the delicate balance of my Doodle.
Themes ~ Creating a Doodle with a theme can be a blast to create. Whether its a birthday Doodle, a Number, Letter, favorite Animal, a geographic location, or something totally made up... it's always fun.

Flowers and Ribbons
Learned techniques from
on YouTube
Borrow from other artist ~ Honestly, when I first began creating larger more elaborate doodles I had no idea what to create let alone what patterns to put into my doodles. I began searching the web, saving favorite pictures and snapping pics with my camera of random patterns on this and that while I was out. I created a "Pattern" file and I still use it today when I get stuck.
Find your Signature ~ As you create more and more doodles you're going to find that you have your own style. There are many styles to try out within the Doodle family; there are Zendoodles, Zentangles, Tangles, Doodles and much more. As you create you will even begin creating your own twist and versions of other patterns and styles... these become your Signature. Have fun finding your signature style. I have a journal with pages of my signature patterns within. I have created different alphabets, shapes and recurring themes that I use in most of my doodles to create my signature look within each doodle that I do no matter what the style.
Doodle often ~ As with most things, the more you do it the better you will become at it. Doodling is no different. I always carry a small journal and permanent pens with me so no matter where I am I can doodle.

I began with an open scribble, filled the
areas in with recurring patterns, themes, and
 colors to achieve balance and interest.
When I get stuck as to what I want to create I use one of these tricks to get me started.
Open Scribble ~ Just as it sounds I create a big open swirl scribble and then begin filling in each closed area.
Stack it up ~ Using geometric shapes, letters, numbers, etc. I start creating a stacked tower doodle. I build them using one of my basic "Balance" shapes and then fill the shapes in with more patterns and doodles.
So Random ~ Pick one of your favorite shapes and throw it onto the page. Add another and yet another. I usually start with three large shapes, add a few medium shapes and then finally a bunch of smaller ones as filler keeping balance in mind.

Doodle what you see ~ I have doodled, trees, flowers, leaves, cats, fruit, coffee cups and many more items that where in my general vicinity. So take a look around and pic a basic shape. Draw the outline of that shape and draw your scribbles within it. Then fill your areas in with interesting patterns.

So there are a few of my tips, tricks and techniques to get you started on becoming an ARTistic Doodler. I hope you have fun filling up your art journals with many fun and fabulous Doodles.

Danine Mroz

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