Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tomorrow I will be joining many others for a FREE on-line course with Strathmore.
I can't begin to tell you how over joyed I am to be taking this course. As this is my first course of any kind, aside from what I did in grade school or high school, and I'm thrilled beyond belief. There are three courses to choose from, you can do all three or pick the one you want. I will be starting with the Art Journal/Doodling course, of course. :D
I would love it if some of my followers would come and join me. It's free!
Hope to see you there.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things to come!

The Stockings and tree are all put neatly back into their boxes for another year. The holiday feast and it's leftovers have been demolished. The kids are busy playing with new video's, reading new books (yes, my teenagers read), and chilln' with friends. Now it's nearly time for this Mama to buckle down and get back into the swing of her art work... But, not quite yet.
In the next few weeks I will be busy prepping, planning, and preparing for some pretty cool things for 2012.

I have decided to create theme days for my blog, please tell me what you think of these ideas:
Mixed Media Mondays- topics may include, art journaling, painting, or crafting.
Thrifty Thursdays- a journey for great art supply finds,  sale, places to find great deals, etc.
Free-Cycle Fridays- creating art from junk, recycled papers, things that would other wise be discarded and thrown away.

So those are the main ideas I have so far. Let me know what you think.
Have a Happy and Healthy 2012
See you in the New Year.

Peace and Love,


Friday, December 23, 2011

Joy-A Snow Angel

I had planned on creating this picture to give as my Holiday Card this year. But, my muse had other plans. I wasn't inspired earlier in the month and she didn't flow creatively from me until today. So, she may will have to wait till next year to grace your card.
Happy Holidays to one and all.

Happy Holidays

Tiss the Season for sharing laughter and love; making new memories; gathering with friends and family; and shedding the old unwanted habits.

This year my husband, the pilot, has to work on the 25 so we decided to celebrate our family day of unity on the 22nd. To us it doesn't matter which day you choose to celebrate or of which faith you happen to be, or if you are of any faith at all. The thing that matters is that there is love in your heart and that you share it with your fellow man.

I would love to hear from all of you what is your favorite part of the Holidays. OR perhaps your favorite tradition or NON-tradition. OR maybe even a funny/sad/heartfelt story you experienced this year or in years gone by.

I hope to connect with you this year.
Have a wonderfully ARTful New Year


Monday, December 19, 2011

So Green

As a new, older, artist I feel so GREEN.
The age on my birth certificate may reflect the number of years
I have been on this earth but in my heart and mind I still feel young
 and very child like, especially when I'm creating art.
My "Mother Earth Goddess" holds the world in her hands
cherishing, loving and protecting each and every one of her

At times I feel like both the parent and child. With so many techniques and things to learn I often find that the parent in me has to allow the child to just play and enjoy the process. Yet I often feel a bit frustrated with imperfection or the rate in which I progress... though it's that same imperfection that is what attracts me to many of my favorite mixed-media artists. 

So, if you're a newby like me, take your time. Give yourself permission to Play, Make Mistakes, and above all else enjoy each and every step of the way.
"Live, Laugh, Love" is one of my live mantras.
It reminds me to hold the ones I love close and cherish them
always; to not take myself so seriously; and to live in
the moment. Life is too short to have what if's and should
have's. So live the life you want and live it NOW, today.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bring your hearts and check your ego at the door.

I have never considered myself much of a writer. Possibly due to the fact that's what I was told by many an adult/teacher in my formative years. As an innocent child I believed this and brought it into my young adult life as part of my identity.  (1) As I learn more and more about the "Ego" and how it needs to have identity and form I realize that we can change and alter how we choose to see ourselves and the world around us. So, I choose to write and express my thoughts.  As you read them I hope you, 'Bring your hearts and check your ego at the door.'

Tw of the exercises from, (2) "inner EXCAVATION" is to first create a working 'word toolbox' and then to use these words to inspire, nudge and explore your inner poet and 'Just Write'.  This is what I wrote;

She stands in the garden
planting, hoeing, weeding,
Nurturing and loving.

She smiles to herself
patiently waiting, ever planning,
Ever nurturing and Loving.

She watches as they grow
With wild abandon, and free from restraints.
She nurtures and Loves.

When asked, "How do you raise such beauty?"
You will hear her response,
With continuous nurturing and Love.

Growing up we never had much but my Mother, Anne tended to us as she tended her garden...
With much Nurturing and Love.
Thank you Mom.

Temper Tantrum
I see a child
She yells and screams
loud words obscene.
But, no one hears her,
No one cares.

She stomps her feet now, 
this too in vain,
Won't any one listen?
Pay attention to me! She hollers in pain.
But no one sees, no one hears,
Still no one cares.

She's all grown up now,
Stuck in her head,
with her angry words, and fits of rage.
For the child within
Feels only pain,
For she never learned to care.

There can only be compassion for this poor child...But, only she can stop the suffering by learning to love herself.

We all have a little child within. It is our job as adults to create a loving space within our own hearts for that child. A place where they feel loved, safe and cherished.
Give yourself permission to cry, grieve and long for what may have been missing from your own experiences as a youth. did you miss out on things, feel un-loved by one or both of your parents? Grieve this, let go and then move on. If you learn to be the perfect parent to your self/child within you will find great peace and forgiveness. What does that look like for you? Do you need to: 

  • Nurture your talents
  • Love yourself unconditionally
  • Give yourself a gently nudge to try new things
  • Remove old labels that don't reflect the real you
Grab your journal and write down your proclamation to your inner child. remember to speak from your heart and leave your ego (judgment, blame, arrogance, criticism etc) at the door.

Till next time,
Love and Laughter,

(1) Eckhart Tolle ~ "A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose"
(2) Liz Lamoreux ~ "inner EXCAVATION, Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry and Mixed Medias"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Inner Excavation

Life is full of many incredible experiences, what we choose to focus on determines our overall view of the world. We can focus on the good, the bad and yes even the ugly... I hope to inspire you to see the good in all.

I recently picked up a fabulous book at Chapters, "inner EXCAVATION, Explore Your Self Though Photography, Poetry and Mixed Media". As a mixed media artist this book popped out at me from the shelf and spoke to me right away. Poetry though?, my Ego chimed in... "photography maybe but, seriously you're not a poet." Thankfully I dismissed my ego's reaction seeing it for what it is, fear of the unknown and fear of change. The ego hates change. When we embrace the fact that we are not our Ego's we can move past it, embrace change and learn to grow into the Authentic beings we are destined to be.

I encourage you to pick up this wonderful book and follow along as I embark on each exercise. Lets produce some beautiful art, photo's and poetry together.

Chapter 1: I begin
My first attempt at poetry in 20ish yrs ....

I am
Words of a Song,
Whispers of gray,
A gentle touch,
Earth Dweller.
I am!

This is an interactive blog so I hope you try this exercise too. Create a poem about yourself;
  • I am...
  • I stand...
  • I am...
  • I feel....
  • I see a woman/man...
  • I hear..
Till next time,
Love and Laughter,