Monday, October 24, 2011

Inner Excavation

Life is full of many incredible experiences, what we choose to focus on determines our overall view of the world. We can focus on the good, the bad and yes even the ugly... I hope to inspire you to see the good in all.

I recently picked up a fabulous book at Chapters, "inner EXCAVATION, Explore Your Self Though Photography, Poetry and Mixed Media". As a mixed media artist this book popped out at me from the shelf and spoke to me right away. Poetry though?, my Ego chimed in... "photography maybe but, seriously you're not a poet." Thankfully I dismissed my ego's reaction seeing it for what it is, fear of the unknown and fear of change. The ego hates change. When we embrace the fact that we are not our Ego's we can move past it, embrace change and learn to grow into the Authentic beings we are destined to be.

I encourage you to pick up this wonderful book and follow along as I embark on each exercise. Lets produce some beautiful art, photo's and poetry together.

Chapter 1: I begin
My first attempt at poetry in 20ish yrs ....

I am
Words of a Song,
Whispers of gray,
A gentle touch,
Earth Dweller.
I am!

This is an interactive blog so I hope you try this exercise too. Create a poem about yourself;
  • I am...
  • I stand...
  • I am...
  • I feel....
  • I see a woman/man...
  • I hear..
Till next time,
Love and Laughter,

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