Monday, December 19, 2011

So Green

As a new, older, artist I feel so GREEN.
The age on my birth certificate may reflect the number of years
I have been on this earth but in my heart and mind I still feel young
 and very child like, especially when I'm creating art.
My "Mother Earth Goddess" holds the world in her hands
cherishing, loving and protecting each and every one of her

At times I feel like both the parent and child. With so many techniques and things to learn I often find that the parent in me has to allow the child to just play and enjoy the process. Yet I often feel a bit frustrated with imperfection or the rate in which I progress... though it's that same imperfection that is what attracts me to many of my favorite mixed-media artists. 

So, if you're a newby like me, take your time. Give yourself permission to Play, Make Mistakes, and above all else enjoy each and every step of the way.
"Live, Laugh, Love" is one of my live mantras.
It reminds me to hold the ones I love close and cherish them
always; to not take myself so seriously; and to live in
the moment. Life is too short to have what if's and should
have's. So live the life you want and live it NOW, today.


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