Friday, May 18, 2012

Playing Around

Why is it so hard for me to PLAY? I freely admit that I'm far to serious for my own good. Have I always been this way? Possibly so. I have always found playing intimidating. What if I did it wrong? What if the others laughed at me? What if no one wanted to play with me? So more times than not I played by myself. I understand now that this comes with being an introverted personality and there is nothing wrong with enjoying your own company over that of others. In fact many great minds and creative people throughout history were introverted. But, even though I understand this I still wonder why it is so hard for me to play.

When I watch a child playing it's such a joyful event to behold. I'm often in awe at the simple grace of their movement and the sheer carefreeness of their actions. They don't need permission to run, giggle, jump, swing, create, dance and just simply play, they simply play. I greatly admire those children and the adults who have retained their childlike playfulness.

I know deep down there is a small child within me struggling to get out and she's adorable. I"m learning to show her gentleness, acceptance and love when I sit down to paint. I recently decided to try a little carefree abstract to allow my little one some play time and this is the finished product.

Acrylic on paper 22 x 30in

A close up of the central spatter.
I was quite proud of my PLAY time and what I had accomplished on those days. Many layers and some very dirty hands later I was satisfied with my creation and how playful I could actually be when I create. Now to move onto canvas and play, play, play.

Yes indeed that should be FUN!!

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