Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Express Yourself

When it comes to painting, at least as far as I'm concerned, the most important thing the artist can do is "Express Yourself".  With each stroke of the brush, with each color you choose, hidden words and phrases it's the artists job to express what he/she is feeling so when the piece is viewed that feeling can be felt by those viewing it.

A little bit about my process:
Hidden words~things I believe in.
~ I almost always start a painting by choosing my color palette, it's from that that I draw a good deal of my inspiration. Color speaks to me, I know that may sound strange to you but hey I'm an artist and I'm allowed to be strange. :D I have always loved bright, bold colors, right from the time I was wee little. By choosing the colors first it helps me express myself  by setting the mood and emotion for the piece. I usually work with three complimentary colors and one or two accenting colors.
A collage of words and
phrases convey the over
all feeling.
~ Next I decide my subject, which if you know my work, most often a female. A friend recently asked me why I always paint women... I pondered this for a long while. My answer; there is great strength, wisdom, and emotional integrity in women. Women are the backbone of society. We raise the children with love and teach them to be strong, independent adults who hopefully will go on to contribute something wonderful with the world.  When a child has been failed by their parents, if he parents withhold love and compassion, if the child had not been allowed to express who they are, that child usually grows up to have inner struggles. As adults they must seek out wise friends to guide them, as much as we must seek them out and become their "Angels".
That's what I try to convey with my art. My angels have hidden messages, quotes, and words of love and inspiration.
~ The final part of my process is adding the words, quotes and or phrases to the art. What feelings do I want to express from my painting? What message does my angel want to convey to the viewer? I draw from my own experiences, from friends and from moving stories people have shared with me.

"A Promise to Keep" 12x12
Mixed Media on Canvas
There you have it, that's how things usually go in my studio. But, then there are times when my inner voice guides my hand and before I know it a painting has transpired before my eyes. As was the case with, "A Promise to Keep". The sketch of the woman came to life on the canvas and it was almost as if she told me to choose the colors. Like I said, I'm and artist and weird things transpire with us artisty people. When these things happen I don't argue with my creative muse, at this point I'm just along for the ride and I can't lie.... what a wonderful ride it is.

So, no matter how you choose to express yourself, embrace it, cherish it and share it with those you love and for all the world to see. It's a gift and it's not for you to decide whether it's good enough or not. As a part of you it's perfect and pure and beautiful, when you accept that you and it will blossom into your true and authentic self.
Thank you for listening to my ramblings.
Much Love,

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