Friday, April 20, 2012

Trust Your Heart

In my life I have found that I tend to listen to my heart far more than I listen to my head. In some cases this has lead me to make a some bad relationship and financial choices...and ending up with a battered and beaten heart. But, I get out the duct tape (cause duct tape fixes everything) and do the best fix-it job I can and carry on. In art though, I find that the heart is never wrong, in fact some of my best mistakes in art have been my heart screaming at me to put some color here or there and what I initially thought would be a huge flop turned out to be quite the Happy Mistake. As it was with my latest painting... I had been working on a piece for a while and though the colors were pretty, the girl was lovely... she had no character. So I started throwing big, bold colors at her and to my surprise, it not only worked, I loved it.
So, listen to your heart and be open to new and bold enterprises... You might just surprise yourself!

This is a little peek at my painting, "Trust Your Heart"

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