Thursday, November 26, 2015

Exploding Doodles

Greetings Artsy friends. I'm so happy you've come. I hope you can stay a while, join me for a cup of tea/coffee and maybe an artsy chat. Lets get to know each other this year.
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Holy Exploding Doodles Batman!!

I'm thrilled that so many people have joined the "Doodle" movement. Everywhere I look now I see Adult colouring books... Drug Stores, Book Stores, Craft Stores, Department Stores and Art Supply Stores are all carrying a large variety of doodle books. One of my favourite doodle artist has a few colouring books out. He goes by the name "Squidoodle" his work is that stunning... he can also be found on Instagram and Facebook under that name. Hint, Hint... they make great gifts and stocking stuffers. 

So, while colouring is a great way to de-stress and is a ton of fun, I would highly encourage you to give doodling a try for yourself. It's easy, relaxing, and very rewarding. Honest!  Remember the kid in school... the one who doodled all over every page and cover of their notebooks? You can be that kid. That kid didn't fret if their work was particularly good.  They were just passing time, making marks, zoning out, relaxing and having fun. And guess what? Research now shows that when a person doodles while listening to a presentation/lecture the information is retained at a higher level...
Tangles: Wist (left) C-Yeah (right)
Imagine that!  In fact some schools are now encouraging kids with ADHD to doodle. As an artist that thrills me. The other amazing side affect of doodling is increased hand-eye co-ordination and spacial awareness. Therefore all other work becomes better as well. Hip-Hip-Hooray!! 

You may be wondering where to begin... Well, wherever you are is always a good place. There are a ton of different types of doodles, from simple geometric patterns to large intricate designs. Of course we start at the artistic level that we currently are at. I have found Pinterest is one of the best places for step-by-step instructions on various doodle patterns. In fact, I have quite the collection of 'Zendoodle How To's' on my Pinterest site PrairieMroz. Simply choose 3 or more patterns, practice them and then create a "thread". From there you fill  in between the lines and your patterns comes together.

Another method that I have found is #1 - Draw a simple object using an "Elegant Writer" calligraphy
pen.  Give it it's basic characteristics and then draw lines within. #2 - Add water with a medium water colour paint brush and watch the magic happen. I love how the pens colours flow and bleed... let it move about the page. (Allow to dry). #3 - Colour with some watercolour crayons, such as "NeoColour", add water. (Dry) #4 - From there fill those spaces with your doodle patterns.
Some other objects you could draw to get you started; Owl, Bird, Cup, Cat, Dog, Star, House, Angel,,, anything that you can already draw basically. If you're stuck trace your hand. Most of all,,, remember to have fun.

I hope these quick tutorials help you along the way to a doodle/art practice.  At the very least, I encourage you to go grab a colouring book, some pencil crayons and a cup of  coffee then get busy making some art.
Thanks again for joining me.
You're beuatiful!

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