Monday, January 2, 2012

Cup of tea?

I recently visited my friend Pat in Nova Scotia, Canada. She lives in a large house on the side of a mountain in the Annapolis Valley. She has an amazing view of the valley below and her property is breathtakingly beautiful with flowers, fruit trees, and many flowering trees. We spend a lot of time outside sitting in her gazebo or lounging by the fire under a star lit night.

On one bright morning as we prepared for the day with our morning cup of tea Pat asked if I would like to try some Rose Hip tea.  She then explained how she had picked and dried the Rose Hips herself from the tree in her yard, all about their health properties and even how the birds enjoy them in winter.
I sat feeling very honored and privileged to be receiving such a gift. It reminded me of our friendship, with it's bright protective shell and how it weathered all seasons. The tiny pod reminded me that it's the small things we do for one another that make the huge differences.It's amazing nutritional values reminded me of how Nurturing a great friend can be. I always feel so refreshed and recharged after a visit with Pat. She simply has a way of knowing just what to say or do. She is a "Nurturer".

So, Day 2's Seed Journal entry for "Seed Pods" is Rose Hips & Nurture. I dedicate this to my dear friend Pat House and that beautiful cup of tea.

 Mediums used ~ Water colors, calligraphy ink, nibs, and pen, black sharpie and white gel pen.

Titled ~ "Nurture"
Journaling ~ Nurture One another; Love with your Heart wide open. Share a cup of tea.
Nurture your soul. Laugh & Smile often. Nurture your Creativity. Lend a helping hand.
Nurture friendship. Listen intently. Hold a hand. Hug your children.

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