Friday, January 13, 2012

Travel Journal Challenge

I'm California bound!!! At the end of Feb two of my girlfriends and myself are heading to LA, Hollywood, and sunny Santa Monica for a short trip. So very excited! This will be my second time there, one has never been and my other friend has been twice before... It's going to be fantastic.

I love, love, love travelling but, I always forget to take pictures, keep my tickets, journal and simply keep records of where I go, who I'm with etc. etc. So this time I want to be prepared by bringing a little something to keep record and make notes. I have several ideas in mind of how to do this... maybe a little chunky 4x4 with a few stash pockets, some lightly painted mixed media pages, some cute pre-painted "Little Ladies" and of course a couple blank pages, OR a scrappy art journal made from mostly recycled materials and bits of scrap booking paper. Not sure which I want to do yet.

So, here is my challenge to you. I want you to create a travel journal. 
It can be an ongoing journal of all the places you go; 
OR a journal for this year only; OR a journal for one 
specific trip. there are a lot of great tips and tutorials on line 
or you can shoot me questions if you are having trouble
 thinking of something. I will do my best to help. Have fun with it 
and I look forward to seeing your art and hearing about your travels.

Many safe and glorious trips to you and your loved ones.


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