Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!

I began a new art journal today~Seeds.
I'm joining the Milliande community in this art journaling project.
~ Sowing a seed Vs. Being the seed
~ Daily or Weekly journaling entries.

Day 1 is entitled "Fly"
Mediums used ~ Water colours, calligraphy pens, nibs & inks, prisma colour pencil crayons, white gel pen.

I wrote my verse in white gel pen, it reads:

Let me fly upon the Wind of Whimsy to places unknown, adventures anew.
Let me land upon fertile soils that may enrich my creative journey.
Let my roots grow deep and strong and may I drink from the pools of Wisdom.
Let me grow strong & branches be many,
ever reaching out in many directions towards
Abundance, Friendship, & Community always supporting others,
sharing my fruit, And being ALL that I'm meant to Be.

I choose the seed of the Maple Tree for several reasons. The first being that it has always
amused and fascinated me. As a child I would watch it as it floated, fluttered and flew upon
the wind as if by magic. It's structure sturdy like a helicopter yet feathery and beautiful like
 the wings of a butterfly. "Where are you going?", I would ask. Following it with my eyes
as it danced upon the wind gracefully to the ground. How it gave, and yes still does, give me joy.

Secondly, it is the seed of the Maple tree, the tree that gives Canada it's beautiful
national symbol, the Maple Leaf. Enough said. :)

Thirdly, the Maple tree is strong majestic and beautiful, it's leaves changing to so many
amazing shades of red and orange in the fall. If you tap into it it gives you the most
delicious sap to be turned into Maple Syrup, Canadian liquid gold.
As my poem says, I hope to grow in my art, with strong roots, a sturdy trunk, many
branches and one day be a source of strength, support and wisdom for others.

I look forward to seeing your pages on


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