Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seed Journal

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Good evening to one and all. I have been quite the busy little bee as of late. Not only did I finish my travel journal; I created a base for yet another journal using all recycled materials, finished putting my table together (ya, the part came in the mail), I also finished days 4-6 of the "Seed Journal" challenge that I'm participating in on the Milliande community I belong to.

So I thought I would share them with you all. OR ya'll if you're from the south.

 Day 4~Seed Wings.... I call her Sweet Pea
I love my sweet, fresh from the garden, peas. 
They are nature's perfect snack, 
complete with it's own neat wrapper you eat.
She is sweet to the core and spreads love and joy where every she goes.

Day 5~Scattered Seeds... The Gardener
Much like my Mother did, and still does, 
she tends the garden with much love.
Sewing seeds and making sure there is growth.

Day 6~Pomegranate... Pomegranate Zentangled
Sweet, juicy, delicious and oh so amazingly good for you.

Hope you like them.


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