Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Doodle till your Hearts content!

"Doodles Unleashed", that is name of the online workshop that I started yesterday is titled. The artist, Traci Bautista, is lovely and talented and I'm thrilled to be involved.~Thanks Strathmore.

But, doodling is a new concept to me, well sort of. When I was in grade 8 or so I would doodle all the time, until a teacher caught me and would tell me to get back to work. I loved to doodle, but inevitably there was always someone there telling me I was wasting my time or that I should be doing something else, something better, with my time. Oh how I wished I hadn't listened to them. Sigh.

Now I'm actually finding it hard to start me doodles. "What if I make a mistake?" "What if it looks stupid?" "What if I don't like it?" and the Ego goes on and on, badgering me and making me doubt my self. Lucky for me I have never liked being told what I could or couldn't do. So I fight against that nagging feeling. I have learned, in a very short period of time, that it's just paint and paper. There is always more and you can always paint over top of it if you really don't like it. Mistakes are sometimes happy and some times not so much, but they are always a learning process. So now, in my wisdom, I welcome them.

I have begun my first piece for wk 1... this is the start (the background if you like) of that first piece.

Happy Doodling.

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